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Coaching African American History

Coaching African American History Tours

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This tour takes a look back into history from the culture of the Igbo people in West Africa, modern-day Nigeria to the current Gullah and Geechee Culture that is now celebrated among the “Golden Isles”.

They will hear the researched history of the arrival of the Igbo to Jekyll Island as well as the deep oral history that has been passed down through the generations. This is a very hands-on tour of the replica of Igbo and Gullah homes, musical instruments, and Sweet Basket Weaving.

Length of Tour

The tour will consist of 3 main units (90 minutes- 30 minutes per unit) Igbo Culture, Middle Passage, and the Gullah/Geechee Culture.


Where will the tour start and end? The tour will begin and end on Jekyll Island at St. Andrews Park. It is the sight of the last landing of a massive slave ship with over 400 enslaved people aboard the ship. 

Inform The Youth

The school systems can only teach so much to your kids, take the initiative to get your young ones informed and immersed in the history of their ancestors!

  • An Experience To Remember

    Your family will never forget the time you brought them along for this adventure. So get the cameras ready, bring some water, and make great memories! Get your tickets

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